Our dishes

La cuina del Riad



Our home cooking is a wish that comes true , a peculiar experience where there is a mixture of marrocoan flavours and aromas with our cooking experience.

Don’t forget to taste our specialities , they are home made and specialy made thinking of you.

Just let us know one day before and you can enjoy our exceptional lunch or dinner.It is an extraordinary experience.

La cuina del Riad



Based on the marrocoan tradition ,we offer colourful,varied,creative and delicious meals.

As starters we have vegetale soups . If you prefer, you can choose our warm salades, light as the air…

As a main course we offer vegetale or meat “tajins”, the exceptional berber tajin, sweet tajin with prunes and almonds or chicken with sweet lemon, and much more…

To finish with our desserts made of peach , honey and iogurt or a delicious caramel banana.

You can also choose a fresh fruit salad that is served daily. Don’t forget our home made cakes…

La cuina del Riad



Served quietly ,beeing very considerate to our guests, we don’t forget any details. A warm light and some aromatique flours help to dress up an elegant table.

Everything to enjoy everyone of our dishes in a quiet atmosphere where the most important is to savour every instant.